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"It was speachlessly wonderful, the amazing Lynn Kao, conductor, pianist, and cembalist of the Wiesbaden Balade Premier 'Weltenwandere'.....HR Radio

„It was a pleasure to see how the young generation stands up and yell encore in the opera house. Ms. Kao's moderation and conducting in the 'Opern Trailor' brought the child to their feed wanting for more....“.....Wiesbadner Kurier

„Miss Kao shows her 'multi-talent' in the new Balade Premier in Wiesbaden: 'Weltenwandere', she not only conducts the orchestra, she also plays and piano on the stage, as part of the choreography and plays the cemablo while conducting the orchestra. Absolutely stunning to see such talents all coming together....FAZ

„The young Ms. Kao has it all: power, nuance, character and poetry.....Kao’s remarkably stylistic shifts and technical prowess never overshadowed the simple joy he evidenced inmusic making“-----Liberty Times (Taiwan)

„Moments of bold intensity gave way to those of a gentle tenderness that was breathtaking at times. Kao placed every note just so. The piano produces sound when hammers strike strings, but you wouldn’t know it with her. Kao played the piano like a wind instrument, as if breathing into it to create sounds.“----Houston Chronicle (USA)

„The night’s most promising music making came last, when Taiwanese pianist Lynn Kao. Kao played with exceptional control of dynamics and articulation.....There was passion, piquancy and tenderness, one of the most engaging and promising rising stars in the musical firmament .“-----Polskie Radio S.A (Poland)
„She displayed a natural musicality and beauty of tone; I enjoyed her fluid technique and her presence at the piano....a thrilling performance of Chopin's Piano Concerto No. 2 in f minor, Kao’s take on the piece was a step beyond commanding, into a realm of exuberant.” -----Hartford Courant (USA)


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